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June 14th 2001...

My First Birthday!

What's up with everyone today...they keep saying Happy Birthday to me! What's a Birthday?!

Oh stinkies!!! Mommy, please change my diaper!!!

Birthday Cake!

This is my FIRST Birthday Cake! Mommy forgot the sun was behind her! Oh well, you can at least see her beautiful outline!

Mmmmm...chocolate icecream! This is new!

Phew...who knew a birthday party would be so tiring! I'm ready for a nap...just me and my thumb!

Me and my Grammie T.!

"Bababababababa"...I just love doing this!
Here I am with Grammie and Grandpa T.!

Me and Mommy!!!

What are YOU lookin' at?! Get that camera outta my face! No more pictures today!

Okay's a smile...happy now?!?!

Aren't I just the cutest little thing?