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They say things will never be the same...

During the car ride home, I remember asking Stephen, "Do they know what they're doing? Letting us go home with a baby?" I remember being a bit nervous, scared, overwhelmed!

My first car ride in my first car seat!

I'm so tiny. Just look at how cute I am!

It only got worse the next couple days! Looking back, I know I had a bit of post-partum depression. But it wasn't long before I was over that!

What an adjustment it is, bringing a newborn into ones house! Didn't get much sleep the first month or so! I remember being distinctly zombie-ish!

We brought him to church the first Sunday after he was born! I was so exhausted...had a hard time answering all the questions, but Stephen and I both enjoyed showing him off...VERY much! *SMILE*


Patrick is quite the sucker! Prefers a binky or pinky at all times when he's not nursing!

My first smile!

My first smile at 4 weeks! I'm still working on perfecting my "Charmer" smile! Is it working yet?


Sleeping peacefully on Mommy's chest!