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Six to Seven Months...

Six Months


Merry Christmas Everyone!


Here I am playing with a new toy I got at Christmas!


Can you believe I'm six months old and these are the only three pictures my Mommy has online of me at 6 months? Tell her she needs to get scanning! Come ON Mommy!


I'm such a happy baby! Can you blame me? I've got a really cool family! They all love me SOOOOO much! Soooooo much! At least...that's what they keep telling me!

Seven Months

Messy smiley face!


Closer messy smiley face!

...on my face and hands, in my hair...on Mommy! YUM!

Look!  I'm standing!

Look Mom! I'm standing!

Still standing!

Hey Mom! *tap tap tap*

Ah ha!  Buttons!

Buttons, buttons...I LOVE pushing buttons! (Especially Mommy's!!!)

Pushing buttons!

Oh MAN! Caught red handed!