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Zero to One Month...


My hospital pic!

Here I am, 3 days old!

MY binky!

Don't even think of taking my binky away! I'll scream! I promise!!

My karate moves!

I'm practicing my moves! You better watch out!

Bathtime! you mind? I'm naked!

Patrick loves his bath time! It's just hard to keep all limbs in the tub at the same time!

Month One

Look how much I've grown!

Look how much I've grown since my birth picture!
I'm 4 weeks old today!

Smiley Boy!

I'm 5 week old Happy Baby!

Sleepy Baby!

Patrick likes to sleep in his bouncy seat!

Baby Power!

Baby Power!

Daddy kisses!

I'm enjoying this...really I am! It's just that Daddy's beard tickles!!