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Four to Five Months...

Four Months

Here I am!

Here I am, 4 months old! Wearing the soccer shirt my "Auntie" Erika gave me!

What a face!

*chin quiver**chin quiver* Bed time? It's my *pout* bed time? *pout*

Pj and Pooh!

This is my famous Patrick face! I'm working on the "deer caught in the headlights look"! What do you think?

Pj and Pooh!

How about now? Better? I love my Exersaucer! Thank you Grandma & Grandpa Dunhom for letting me borrow it!

Sleepy Baby!

Pooh bear is so cuddly...I think I'll cuddle for a moment...and...

Suckin' Thumb!

...and...suck my thumb. I'm so tired...I...ZZZZZzzzzzzz!

Five Months

Gerber Baby!

This is what I like to Gerber Baby pose!

Me and my Dad!

Here I am cuddling with my Daddy!

My Jolly Jumper!

I LOVE my Jolly Jumper! Bouncin' bouncin' bouncin'!!!

Me and Grammie's glasses!

Wearing Grammie's glasses!

Suckin' on a lemon!

My family doesn't seem to understand how much I like lemons! Yummm yummm!

I'm SO cute!

Ooh...that was sour! *Puckerin' up*!