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Ten to Eleven Months...

Ten Months

Guess what folks?

Mommy and Daddy told me I'm going to be a big brother! Guess that has something to do with the twinkle in Mommy's eye!
They say I'm going to get a baby brother or sister for Christmas! I'm not sure exactly what that means yet, but I've got lots of time to learn!
Hey...what happens if I'm a bad boy? Do I still get the baby? Or just coal?! *GRIN*

My baby brother/sister's webpage!


WOW! Me...a big brother! Can you believe it?


I'm so silly! But hey, I got Daddy to laugh!


Daddy hurt his hand, so I'm cuddling with him to cheer him up! I LOVE you Daddy!


I just LOVE to cuddle!

Eleven Months


LOOK! I'm playing with Daddy's shirt! Shhh...don't tell Daddy I got snots on his shirt!


I like to chase after Mommy!


I have a bit of a cold...but I'll be okay! Can you see the nice battle scar on my forehead? Ah...the price one has to pay for learning to walk! Now if I could just keep my balance!


Okay...that's it...had it with the shirt! New game!

Baby walking!

Buh bye...for time you see me, I'll be ONE!!!