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Eight to Nine Months...

Eight Months

Baby in the garden!

Pj in his pjs, playing in the "Twirlin' Whirlin' Garden" that Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Harris gave him for Christmas!

Baby in the garden!

Baby in the garden!

Yummy garden!

More Germany Pictures...

Patrick in the stroller!

HEY! Let's get a move on here! We've got lots to see!
(This is me in the stroller...spent ALOT of time in that thing!!)


This is my Mommy and me (I'm in the stroller) at the Olympic Park in Munich, Germany where the 1972 Summer Olympics took place! You can kinda see the Olympic Pool Building to the left! All the buildings looked kinda tents, but they were made out of glass and metal!


Again...enjoying the water in the "pool" as my Mommy calls it! We stayed at the Forum Hotel in Munich, Germany for 3 days and 2 nights...and this is the only time I got to swim! *POUT*

Our Trip to Germany
Nine Months

The family in front of the Berlin Wall!

This is my Mommy, Daddy, and me in front of the Berlin Wall! (Well...a piece of what's left anyway!) And you can kinda see the Wall Art on it!

Patrick on the tour bus in Munich!

This is me on the tour bus in Munich, Germany! We got to see the Nyphenburg Palace, the Munich Olympic Park, and LOTS of OLD buildings!

Patrick bundled in stroller!

Brrrr! It's kinda chilly! Mommy bundled me up in Daddy's coat! My Grammie Thompson made us all matching jackets! Aren't I cute?!?


This is me...waiting as usual...for my food! Takes a LONG time to get food in Germany! They're slower paced in Germany than they are here! Took some getting use to! This is the restaurant at the Astron Hotel we stayed at in Gottingen, Germany!


This is me and my Daddy on top of St. Michealis in Hamburg, Germany! Very windy and cold...and WAY up high!!!


Look at me! I'm swimming! This is a BIIIIIIIG bathtub! Mommy and Daddy both got in with me! Was LOTS of fun! Mommy says this is the first time I went in a pool! What's a pool?


Swimming still! Mommy? Can we do this again real soon?! Say...what's that twinkle in Mommy's eye?!?!?