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The big moment arrives...

Vital Statistics

Name: Patrick Joseph Randall Dunhom
Date of Birth: June 14th, 2000
Time of Birth: 3:58am
Place: Wentworth Douglas
Weight and Length: 7lbs 8.4oz, 21in.

Almost a week past my due date, of June 7th, Dr. Gillespie decided it would be best to induce due to hypertention. So the morning of the 13th, Stephen, my sister Kristie, and I went to the hospital. They put part of a pill in my cervix to try to "get things going". That's all it took. My water broke at 2 in the afternoon and the contractions started to hurt. Thirteen hours later, I was checked yet again and still only 3cm dialated. At that point I begged for an epidural! I love Bob, the anesthesiologist!! Once the epidural was in place, Candice (my midwife) and Dr. Gillespie put internal monitors on me and also Patrick. This is when it was discovered that Patrick's heartrate was dropping dramatically every time I had a contraction. Dr. G recommended a c-section before it turned into an emergency! As dissapointed as I was at the long run...I didn't mind! I was wheeled into the OR for the c-section. Here are some pictures lifted from the digital video that Stephen "shot" while answering all my "Are they done yet?" questions! (I asked it ALOT!!)

Patrick's peekin!

Patrick gets his first glimpse at the world!
Somebody turn off those lights!


What an unhappy camper we have here!

Birth Details

Delivered by: Dr. Gillespie
Midwife: Candice Delisio
Others Present: Daddy of course!, Grandma & Grandpa Dunhom, Grammie & Grandpa Thompson, and Auntie Kristie


Here I am in all my glory!  I just want to SLEEP!!!

Cord being cut!

Daddy's cutting my cord!

Looking at Daddy!

Hey! You with the camera! Do I know you?

Patrick's Birthstory as told on on the June 2000 Expecting Club Board! (Not for the queasy!)