Have you ever wondered where your money went after you spent it? Or where it was before it landed in your wallet? Has your cash been to more exciting places than you?

There is a website that lets you enter your serial numbers of your bills. Then, if someone else enters it, you are alerted, and can see how far it travelled and where it was last seen.

For example, I have entered around 1300 bills, and below you can see the map of where I have gotten hits since I've entered them:

Number of HitsState Color
No Hits
Less than 2
2 to 10
11 to 15
16 to 20
21 or more

Here is my hitmap by county:

(click for larger view)

Many thanks to Xinegirl for this map!

You too can be a part of the action! Simply visit the website by clicking the button below, sign up, and start entering your bills! Writing on your bills is not illegal, unless you deface it to the point that it cannot be used.

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