Stephen's Hiking FAQ

What is the Four Thousand Footer Club?

The club was created by the Appalacian Mountain Club in 1957 to recognize those who had traveled to some of the less frequented areas of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Here is the official AMC 4K Club website.

The Club recognizes three lists of peaks, White Mountain Four Thousand Footers, New England Four Thousand Footers, and the New England Hundred Highest. East list is inclusive of the previous list (White Mountain 4k is part of the New England 4k which is part of the Hundred Highest). There are 2 lists, those who have completed them in any season, and those who have completed them in the winter. (Yes, they ARE nuts!)

To qualify for the list a peak must rise 200 feet above any ridge connecting it to it's neighbor. For example, if I am on Mount Biggie, and I can get to Mount Kindabiggie without dropping 200 feet in altitude, then Kindabiggie is off of the list, even though it may be taller than 4000'.

To complete the list, one must ascend to the peak and descend from the peak by foot. No driving up the Mt. Washington Auto Road, either. (As a matter of fact, you can't even hike the road. You gotta use a trail.) However, you can traverse or "bag" multiple peaks within the same trip. There are many common "peakbagging" trips that people take.

Finally, to be recognized by the AMC, you must submit an application and a fee to the Four Thousand Footer Committee. You will then receive a certificate and a patch celebrating your accomplishment.

To get an application, send a SASE to:

AMC Four Thousand Footer Committee
42 Eastman St.
Concord, NH 03301

Be sure to specify which club you're interested in. There's even a special club for those who complete the Four Thousand Footers of the White Mountains in the course of one winter. Once you finish the official peaks and send in your completed application to the committee, you'll become a member of that Four Thousand Footer Club.

Why are you doing this to yourself?

While my best friends Bill and Bob were biking the White Mountains in July of 2001, I was driving the camping gear and food. During the times I waited for them, I studied the NH Gazeteer Atlas (Delorme). I was intrigued by the list of 4000 footers, and wondered if I could possibly attain that goal...

On July 30, 2001, while at work discussing it with Rob (who has completed the NH4K and is working on the NE4K), I decided I wanted to go for it. I set my first goal of doing my first 4K by the end of summer 2001.

Bob and I were going to begin by hiking a starter hill, Blue Job Mountain, in Rochester. However that trip was thunderstormed out. We have decided to move on with our plans to hike Mt. Chocura at the end of August, followed by my first 4k in September.

Here, you'll get to monitor my progress in achieving my goal of hiking the Four Thousand Footers. I'll be updating this site, so check back periodically!