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Hi Stephen,
Came across your site from your post on the AMC HJ board. I really 
enjoyed it. Our forum members would too. How about posting a link in our forums?
Happy hiking and congrats on you first 4K!
Greg Blasko, President
"New England's Guide to Mountain Adventure"

Hey Stephen,
I was just checking out your web page after getting the link over on 
the AMC BB's. It looks like you're off to a good start with the new "hobby" 
of climbing the 4ks. I just thought I'd make a small suggestion after reading 
the page. You mention that a water filter will be the next piece of gear you 
buy. Let me suggest you take a look at all the different types of water 
purification tablets that are out there.
I've been hiking in the Whites many years and for quite some time used a filter 
then realized how much smaller and lighter the tabs were. I know some people say 
they are not as easy to use but with a filter you'll have to do some work too. 
It's a very opinionated topic but I know the tabs work MUCH better for me. Very 
small, very light and all you have to do is drop them in the water. You DO have 
to wait 30 minutes before you drink the water but unless you wait 
until the last minute to get some that has never been a problem for me. Oh and 
some people say they can't stand the taste. Personally neither my wife nor I 
have any trouble with it but if you do there are tablets to get rid of it and/or 
you can just use vitamin C tablets.
I hope I've not just added confusion to you next gear purchase, but I just thought 
I'd let ya know that there are much cheaper, lighter, smaller methods of purifying 
water than a filter. Oh and of course there is another simple solution, I usually 
carry a minimum of 2 liters and more likely 3 liters of water on any hike. I started 
carrying 3 all the time when winter climbing and then just kept doing it all summer. 
As you found out it's awfully nice to have plenty of water!!
Gary T

Hi Steve,

Just saw your posting on the AMC web site, welcome to the club!

I had a quick look at your FAQ, and have a couple of comments:

1.  The AMC web site does have a page on the 4000 footer club, though it 
is well hidden and does not have much content.  Check it out at:

2.  You write:  "Finally, to be recognized by the AMC, you must be an 
AMC member ...".  You do not need to be an AMC member to join the 4000 
Footer Club.

3.  I am not sure that I agree with you that those who do the lists in 
winter are nuts, but since so many of my friends think the same I will 
let that pass!

Enjoy the mountains, they are great!!!!
Mohamed Ellozy

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