Has it been that long?

There is so much that has happened over the past three years.

Da boyz.

  • We have two boys in/entering high school
  • Ryan has a driver’s license and has held a job for over a year

Never too old for Story Land?

  • Patrick is Senior Patrol leader of his Boy Scout troop
  • Rachel is now in 8th grade… the “upper classmen” of Middle School.

“Sistahs from other mistahs… and muthas!”

  • Victoria rocks her voice in the chorus
  • Charlie is entering the brave new world of Middle School

Our new welcome mat-to-be?

  • We are buying a house in Nashua!
  • We have a new camper
  • We’re taking that camper across the country on a trip of a lifetime with the whole family!

It’s the camper life for us!

So that’s our summary. More details to come on the trip and the house. With pictures. And comments.

Oh, and Deidre and I are still madly in love… through all the happy times and the tears… it’s work, it’s fun, it’s life. And it’s worth it!

What a gorgeous view! (Oh and there’s a hotel and mountain in the background…)

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